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Welcome to P2 
Our teachers are Mrs Ferguson  
& Miss Hunter.  
Our classroom assistants are  
Mrs Nesbitt, Mrs Forsythe and  
Miss McClure.  
Look at us planting lettuce and rocket seeds. Hopefully we will be able to sample before the Summer holidays!  
During Numeracy, we explored weight using balance pans. We were able to identify objects that are heavier and lighter and had good fun using cubes to measure the weight of items.  
We had a great day celebrating the Queen's Jubilee!  
In Numeracy, we used different containers to explore capacity. Some water even ended up on the carpet! 
Have a look at our fabulous pigs! 
This morning we went outside for phonics. Everyone worked in pairs to complete a sound hunt. We had to find the pictures around the playground and then match the picture to the word on our sheet.  
We enjoyed going to the hall for the Bible Exhibtion this morning.  
Our new topic is the 'Farm'. Everyone had good fun buiding jigsaws, delivering milk using the BeeBot, cleaning the dirty animals and playing in the small world areas.  
Today, we mixed colours using watercolour paint. We looked at pictures and then mixed different colours to make our own colour palette. Everyone then wrote names for their colours.  
P2 have been learning about adjectives. 
As part of our 'Build It' topic, we have been learning about The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. In P2, we had a go at building our ow houses using sticks and play dough. The aim was to build the house strong enough that the Big Bad Wolf would not be able to blow it down!  
Author Visit 
Easter Activities  
We built sentences based on the Palm Sunday story. Everyone in P2 also made a salt cross. We used PVA glue, salt and watercolour paint.  
On World Book Day, we created Cereal Box Books. Everyone brought in their favourite book and shared why it is their favourite. We also completed a book scavenger hunt. We had lots of fun! 
Completing lots of different activities on Green Day! We made seed bombs and created nature pictures outside in the afternoon.  
Three Little Pigs Music Making 
We have been learning some songs about the Three Little Pigs and have accompanied our singing using percussion instruments. We discovered we can hit, crash and shake many of the percussion instruments. Look at us conducting the class! 
Measuring using wool 
We have been learning about length. Using a piece of wool, we measured different items and had to identify if they were longer or shorter than the piece of wool.  
Play Based Learning 
We have been loving our new topic - BUILD IT! Everyone is enjoying building at the role play area and construction area as well as drawing plans and playing at the small world area. We can use the coding mouse to retell the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. 
A rainbow of ways to be kind 
We have been thinking about ways we can be kind in school and at home. We loved making our rainbows! 
Telling the time!  
We have been learning to use half past when reading the time. Using playdough helped us to show different times. We had to make sure we had one long hand and one short hand. We completed time challenges using chopsticks. We had to see how many pom poms we could move from one bowl to another bowl using chopsticks in 1 minute. The big yellow pom poms were definitely easier to move!  
Sentence Writing 
We have been building sentences about Jesus' birth using sentence cards. We worked in pairs to build the sentence and then wrote it on our whiteboards. 
Christmas fun in P2! 
Santa Daily Mile! 
Maths Week 2021 
This week was Maths Week. In P2 we investigated how many counters fit on our maths books, how tall are we and how long a line can we make in 1 minute. We used different items to help us answer the big questions including coins, counters, pebbles, ribbon and lollipop sticks.  
Road Safety Week 
During Road Safety Week, we learned how important is it to be very careful when we cross the road. With the help of 'Super Cat' we now know we should 'stop, look, listen and think' before we cross the road. Have a look at us using the pelican crossing in Moneymore!  
Odd Sock Day! 
Outdoor Learning Day 
We were learning about shapes today outside. We drew 2D shapes with chalk on the playgroud before we went on a shape scavenger hunt. While outside, we learned about cuboids and then sorted our shapes using a Carroll Diagram. We all had lots of fun!  
National Apple Day 
To celebrate Apple Day, we printed with apples and went on an apple scavenger hunt during play based learning. We also had lots of fun tasting different varieties of apples and then made a block graph showing our favourite apples. The most popular was a Pink Lady apple.  

We went on a shape hunt outside. Have a look at what 2D shapes we found around school.  

In our 'Super Me' topic, we are learning about our five senses. We went outside to look for things we could see with our eyes. Our magnifying glasses helped us find leaves, insects, stones and so much more.  

Our first week in P2! 

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