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Welcome to Primary 4 S 
The Primary 4 Teacher is  
Mrs Stewart. 
A big welcome to our new P4 class! 
World War 2 
War News 
We are reading newspapers and magazines from 1939-1945. 
Victory Garden 
We are planting carrots, french beans and lettuces. 
We are building Anderson shelters and Spitfires. 
The Blitz 
Outdoor Maths Trail 
To find out more about symmetry, we painted butterflies and used mirrors. 
We were busy inventing bird feeders in P4.  
We are hoping to have lots of feathery visitors over Easter! 
Inventions ABL 
We had lots of fun learning how to use the app  
'Scratch Junior' on the iPads. 
Practical Maths 
This week we are learning how to divide.  
We divided our class into equal groups. 

18 รท 2 = 9 

18 รท 3 = 6 

18 รท 6 = 3 

Cold Lands ABL 
Guess who is behind the ski goggles... 
Science Experiments in P4 
How does a huddle keep penguins warm?๐Ÿง 
What makes an ice egg melt? ๐Ÿ’ฆ 
Brrr... it's getting cold in P4. 
We made igloos using sugar cubes! 
Fun Phonics! 
Anti-Bullying week 2018 
P4 were learning about the 'High 5' 
- Ignore 
-Talk friendly 
-Walk away 
-Talk firmly 
Garden Birds 
We are bird experts in P4! 
Our beautiful Christmas plaques for the Craft Fair. 
P4 were busy creating instructions for Snakes and Ladders.  
We also designed our own editions of the game and played them with a partner. 
How to make a sandwich... 
We followed instructions and made sandwiches with our own fillings - they tasted good! 
P4 carried out an experiment to find out how to stop an apple from rotting. 
Busy days in Primary 4 
As part of our food topic we made bread, pizzas and smoothies in ABL. 
The boys were also busy making food delivery vans. 
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