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Welcome to Primary Four. 
Our teacher is Mrs McCabe. 
Our assistant is Mrs Boyce. 
Inventions...Primary 4 designed and created their own Bird Feeders to hang outside. They all did a fantastic job!! 
World Book Day!! 
Treasure Hunts, Character Descriptions, Designing a bookmark, A 'Shelfie' competition... A fun filled day! 
Pancake Tuesday!!!!! 
Marvellous Measures!!!!! 
Letter Writing!! 
We wrote a thank you letter to family or a friend and posted them in the post box. 
Myths, Legends and Fables!!! 
Primary 4 worked in groups to create a storyboard on the legend of Finn McCool.  
They created a beautiful display!! 
Build a Polar Bear Den 
Primary 4 worked in groups to complete this STEM challenge. They had to make a den for a polar bear. The den had to have four walls and a roof. It also had to have an opening to fit the cut out polar bear through. 
Build a Penguin Raft 
Primary 4 worked in groups to complete this STEM challenge. Once completed we tested the rafts to see if they floated, we further tested the rafts by adding weights to decide which design was the best! All the rafts floated, well done Primary 4!!!! 
Multiplication and Division
Arctic Animals! 
Primary 4 worked in groups and used the Book Creator app on the iPad to create a mini project about an Arctic animal. They used topic books to research each animal and to find photos. After they finished their project they presented it to the class on Apple TV. 
Northern Lights! 
Primary 4 have been learning about Cold Lands and during our topic we studied the Arctic and looked at the Northern Lights. The class created some wonderful pieces of Art. 
Right Angle Hunt! 
Primary 4 searched the classroom for any right angles they could find and recorded these on their whiteboards. 
Chocolate Cake! 
As a lovely end to our topic Mrs Boyce baked a chocolate cake with the help of Primary 4. As you can see everyone enjoyed it and it certainly tasted as good as it looked. A big thank you to Mrs Boyce. 
As part of our 'Food' topic we visited the local Spar to find out how many different types of bread they sell. We then got to taste some of the breads and decided on our favourite. Nearly half the class chose veda as their favourite. They even nicknamed it chocolate bread! 
As part of our 'Food' topic we have been discussing food preservation. We set up an experiment to find out which ingredient stopped the apple from turning brown. We used lemon juice, salt, sugar, oil and vinegar. We all made a prediction first and we then discussed how we could make it a fair test.  
Making Smoothies 
As part of our Instructional writing and linking with our topic of 'Food, Glorious Food'. 
Primary 4 made and enjoyed smoothies in class.  
Maths Week 
Our Problem Solving strategy for October is 'Look for a Pattern' . As part of Maths Week Primary 4 looked for patterns in different sequences and made their own patterns. This helped us to solve our various Maths Problems. 
Instructional Writing 
Primary 4 enjoyed making sandwiches today as part of our Literacy unit on Instructions 
They tasted yummy! 
Handa's Surprise 
In Primary 4 we have been learning about Food from Around the World. Today we listened to Handa's Surprise and tasted the fruits from the story. 
Guided Reading 

Food, Glorious Food! 
Activity Based Learning 

Roald Dahl Day 
James and the Giant Peach 

First Days in P4 
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