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Welcome to Primary 5S! 
Our teacher is Mrs Stewart. 
Our classroom assistant is Mrs Orr. 
Egyptian Day 
P5 ended their topic with an Egyptian day on Friday. We did lots of fun activities throughout the day and had our own Egyptian feast! We ended the day with an Egyptian dance in our amazing outfits! 
World Book Day 
P5 celebrated part of World Book Day with the nursery and helped the children to write a poem. We also did a 'Blurb Hunt' in our classroom which was lots of fun. 
Bounce Back SET Project with St. Patrick's PS 
P5 wrote their own plays in groups based on a fairytale. They performed in front of the class and we had lots of amazing acting! 
Shaduf making in groups 
Lego Pyramids 
P5 painted their name on papyrus paper using hieroglyphics. 
Science Experiment 
How to mummify a tomato... 
We observed our tomato before the experiment and made predictions. 
We scooped out the inside of our tomato and filled it with homemade natron! 
Just Dance!  
Waka Waka 
Walk Like an Egyptian 
Chester's Challenge 
We have been learning how to have a healthy lifestyle. 
How to make toasted pancakes. 
We designed bedrooms and fitted our very own light bulb! 
We were learning how to make a circuit. Everyone was able to light their bulb! 
ICT task 
We are learning how to use Microsoft Word to create a document about types of houses. 
100 acts of Kindness 
During Anti-Bullying week, P5 were thinking about being kind. We 'filled buckets' of kindness at home and in school. Here are some of the kind things that we were doing... 
"I brushed the floor" 
"I wrote a kind letter to my friends" 
"I held the door open" 
"I emptied the dishwasher" 
"I set the dinner table
"I cleared away the table after dinner" 
"I helped my sister" 
"I cooked the dinner for my family" 
"I sorted bibs at Netball
"I cooked the dinner" 
"I set the dinner table" 
"I tidied up my clothes" 
"I brought granny's washing in from the line" 
"I helped my sister with her buttons" 
"I cleaned the kitchen" 
"I said good morning to my teacher and friends" 
Book Creator 
We used the Book Creator app to make a book about 'Trees and Leaves' and we presented them to the class. 
A Walk in our Wellies 
Today we took a beautiful walk through the countryside of Moneymore to find lots of different types of leaves. We even stopped off at Springhill on our way! 
Ulster Hockey 
P5 love having hockey sessions on Wednesdays with Kathryn from Ulster Hockey. We have been playing lots of fun games and learning new skills. 
As part of our 'measure' topic in maths, P5 were attempting to jump 1 metre. 

Practical Maths Stations 

Moneymore Churches 
We went on another tour of Moneymore this week. This time we visited three churches - St John's Church of Ireland, Moneymore 2nd Presbyterian and St Treas. We loved exploring each building and found out lots of interesting facts. We also enjoyed spending time with our friends from St Patrick's PS. 
We are learning more about Moneymore through our topic 'Where We Live'. Today we went on a walking tour of the village with Mrs Porter. We saw lots of historical buildings and learned many interesting facts! 
Around the World 
P5 have been using an atlas to learn more about continents, countries and capital cities. 
First Days in P5... 
P5 Self Potraits! 
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