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Welcome to Primary 6. 
Our teacher is Mr Joyce  
and our assistant is Mrs Boyce. 


Our trip to W5 was so much fun! We took part in a gaming workshop and got to explore all the interactive exhibitions.  

Minecraft Education Edition 

We loved putting our design skills to us using Minecraft Education Edition. 

Jubilee Celebrations 

Digestion Investigation 

As part of our human body topic wqe have been investigating what happens to our food after we swallow it. To help us understand the digestion system, we modelled what happens in the mouth, stomach, inestines and bowels!  

'Bee Safe' Event 

Thank you to Trnaslinka nd the PSNI who brought their Bee Safe event to our school. The PSNI talked to us about bike safety and then we went onto the safety bus to learn about keeping safe whilst travelling on buses.  

Nursery Mini-Marathon 

We joined with our friends in the nursery to support them in their mini-marathon event. We helped them warm up and kept them going by running alongside them! 

IFA Sessions 

Every Friday Judith from the IFA comes in for a PE session. We have been looking at lots of different game skills such as throwing and catching, moving in space and speed work.  

Doggy Bone Skeletons 

Our challange was to make and label a skeleton using dog bones. We had to think carefully about the size and shape of the different bones in the body. 

Our Organs 

Our new topic is 'Human Body' and we started out by looking at our organs. We had to guess where each organ was located in the body.  

Cereal Box Books 

For World Book Day we remade some of our favourite books using Cereal Boxes. On our boxes we included a review, summary and a new cover. We think they look great! 

Go Green for Eco Day 

Character Text Messages 

We used a fake text message creator online to write text conversations between characters in our reading book. This was our favourite book week activity! 

Fraction Walls 

To help use really understand how to compare fractions we started by building our own fraction walls. We had to use a lot of tricky dividing to make them accurate. 

Spelling Revision 

We used a couple of new strategies to help revise some spelling words this week. We completed Wordle puzzles on the Chromebooks and then made our own 'any word crossword'. 


To finish our Earth and Space topic we were tasked to make a re-entry capsule to protect an eggonaut as it crashes back to earth. We had loads of brilliant designs and lots of eggonauts managed to survive the crash without cracking! 

Modelling Fractions 

We used our Chromebooks to create visual represenataions of fraction problems. We found that making the fraction models helped us understand what we were doing! 
Errupting Volcanoes 
As part of our 'Earth and Space' topic we made model volcanoes. Then we made up some concotions that made the volcanoes errupt when mixed together.  

Daily Mile Santa Run 

We joined hundreds of other schools to take part in a very special daily mile!  

Maths Week 

We enjoyed investigating some 'Big Questions' in school and at home as part of maths week. Here we are working together investigating the question, 'How much money would fit on your desk?' 

Odd Socks Day 

Planet Earth Desserts 

As part of our Earth and Space topic we have been looking at the structure of the Earth. We have investigated the properties of the various layers from the crust to the inner core. To help demonstrate the structure we made our very own Earth desserts. 

Read All About It! 

This half term, one of our writing genres is news reports. We have spent some time researching news stories online and worked in groups to complete a newspaper scavenger hunt.  

Outdoor Education Day 2021 

To celebrate Outdoor Education Day we took our numeracy to the Manor Park. We had a range of length challenges to complete using lots of different measuring tools.  

School Council Elections 

We recently took part in the elections for our school council. We wrote manifestos, voted for candidates and then cast our ballots during election day. Well done to our two P6 school councillors, we are all looking forward to sharing our ideas with you!  

Sphero Minis 

Maths is much more fun when you are programming Spheros! We had to solve a number of tasks by driving and programming the spheros. Challenges included manoeuvering through cones and getting the highest score on a dartboard. We learnt about the improtance of changing the speed, distance and duration of the Sphero's roll to make it stop in the correct place.  

Reading Week 

Last week we had a big focus on reading in school and at home. We had special reading activities going on all week, including book chats, question and answer sessions and word hunts. I loved seeing the summaries that pupils uploaded to Seesaw.  


We used the program Scratch to make some animations. We had to build computer scripts using command blocks. We enjoyed animating our names and programming the letters to display special effects. After the mid-term break we will be doing lots more Scratch work and are aiming to eventually build our own computer game!  

Our new Chromebooks 

We recently got 15 brand new Chromebooks to use in school. P6 have been doing lots of work on these, including online reseraching, desktop publishing and using Google maps. Here we are mapping where the Vikings came from and where they travelled to settle.  

Viking Poo! 

Our first topic in primary 6 is the Vikings.We have been looking at what everyday life was like for a Viking living in Scandanavia. To invesitgate what Vikings would have eaten we had to get our hands a little dirty! 
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