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Spring has sprung and the children enjoy  
creating flowers and nests using clay and dough! 
Just look at the detailed creations... 

Cameron even tries to use his mouth as a beak! It was tricky!! 

Rebecca helped the children to design animals, nests and flowers! 

Oakey Dokey, Paul and Emily's mum visit the Nursery 
Oakey taught us to stop, look and listen as we crossed the zebra crossing in the nursery garden! 
We did really well and Paul (Oakland Insurance Proprietor) gave us a really cool snap band!  

John's Aunt, Naomi brought her Eco Tot Roadshow to Nursery. We made paper, sang some new songs and listened to a story about a rat who learned how to care for the forest where his animal friends lived. We now know some key recyling messages so help us to use the black, brown and blue bins to reduce, reuse and recycle... 

Charlie brings his pet turtles to nursery!  
It's a real live touch tank and the children fill it and empty it... 

Winter Woollies and Winter Wonders... 

Amy brings her little brother Isaac to Nursery to meet all her friends... Joel comes back for a visit to show us his whole family!! Amy's mum does a fab job and shows us how to do the job of 'Mummy!!!!!' 

Fun With Drums - Learning about beat and rhythm... 

The Story of the Gingerbread Man - Run, run as fast as you can.... 

You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!! 
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Mrs Glasgow talks to the children as they make a blanket for Whiffy Wilson! 
Charlie and his dad and mum show off the blanket he designed for his teddy bear 
Miss Kerr shares some key points about sharing books with children 

Designing, Building, Creating, Making and Recycling Materials... 

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Still Swinging.... 
Working together, we get the job done!! 
Making Marks in coarse sand 
Who would have guessed that recyling could be so much fun!! 
I've found a clue - it's a shell... 
Drive carefully Conor.... 
Great job John... 
Totally absorbed and great pencil work... 
Queuing upfor a turn to jump in the wheelie bin and squash the empty boxes... 

Celebrating Nursery Birthdays in Style - The Young and the Not sooooooooo Young!! 

October Birthdays 
November Birthdays 

Enjoying the Fun on Sponsored Topsy Turvy Day  

Alex to the rescue... 
I think I must be dreaming!!!! 
Mrs Whiteside wore her pyjamas. Ifelt ill and the children made me feel better!!! They queued up to give me injections and bandage my limbs!! 
Jack enjoys being the shop keeper in the bakery. He is making good progress with his pencil skills. 
The children take over the kitchen. Even Spiderman is in on the act!!!. 
Let's play with the barley, chestnuts and pine cones... 
Mrs Whiteside looks like she has seen a ghost or maybe it was The Gruffalo!! 

An Creagan Adventures - sharing the Woodland School with Lissan Play Community Group... 

If those teachers could only manage to bring the picnic to the swing, I could stay on it all day long! Rain, hail, snow or blow! 
This picnic is yummy. Thank you! 
Maybe next time Sophie and Joel!! 
The paint was Peter's idea! The task was to paint the tree house!!!!  
I like these jam sandwiches! 
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Ready, Steady Bake... Our first Nursery Birthday Cake.  
Much better than Healthy Snack!! 

Oh Mrs Whiteside. Do I have to wait?? That icing looks so yummy!! 
Belated Happy Birthday to you! 
Alex and Holly were four years old in September 

Exploring the properties of real and natural materials - fruit, barley, maize, chestnuts, wood, leaves, compost, stones and sand  

Look at me Mrs Whiteside... 

I made a boat. I wonder if it will float!I 

Now we've got a full team of creative boat builders... 

A big thank you to Aidan and Click on this text to edit it. 

I want to make one too. Where did you get that wood Aidan? 

Getting into Gear for the Nursery Year 2017-18 

Awaiting more space on website so more photos can be uploaded. 
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