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2019 - 2020 
Nursery visit Manor Park 
The boys and girls at Nursery walked to Manor Park to feed the ducks in the duck pond. We went to the shop to buy some bread for the ducks and then we all took turns to feed the ducks with the bread. The ducks loved their bread. We had to think about road safety while we were out walking. We had to hold our partners hand, stay on the footpath, 'stop, look and listen' when crossing the road and not go on the grass at the duck pond.  
We spotted Lola's daddy hard at work on our travels.  
Nursery visit Cookstown Library 
We visited Cookstown Library today. We really enjoyed singing rhymes, listening to stories and exploring the books at the library. Thank you Bernie for inviting us to the library. We hope to visit it again with our mummy or daddy.  
Jo-Jingles visits Nursery  
Jo-Jingles visited us at Nursery today. We sang lots of Winter action songs and used shakers to create raindrops. We had great fun! 
P.E in the Primary School 
The children went to the primary school assembly hall to take part in their first P.E session. We warmed up with a Mr Men game, then practised moving and stopping to music, played a traffic light start and stop game and then cooled down with stretches.  
Sharing from the Start - Jump, Jiggle and Jive 
The boys and girls enjoyed their third session with Lissan Playgroup at Moneymore Recreation Centre. They made calendars together and took part in a 'Jump, Jiggle and Jive' session exploring dance, music and drama. 
Mission Christmas Cash for Kids  
Thank you to all the boys and girls who bought a special gift for a little boy or girl who will be living in poverty this Christmas! 
Christmas Nativity - Happy Birthday Jesus 
Well done to all the boys and girls at Nursery who took part in their first school nativity. They did so well saying all their words and singing their songs. We are all so proud of you! Thank you for everyone who came along to support their child/grandchild. It was a lovely morning! 
Photographs to follow. 
Christmas arrives at Nursery 
A special Elf visitor 'Elfie' arrived at Nursery with a letter. Elfie is one of the North Pole elves and over the next few weeks he is going to be coming to our Nursery each day and flrying back to the North Pole reporting to Santa each night about how wonderful we all are. Our first mission was the make our Nursery look more like Christmas!  
A Tractor visits us at Nursery  
James' daddy (Mr Fulton) took time out of his busy day to come to visit us at Nursery. We loved seeing a 'real life' farmer and having a turn sitting in the tractor. Thank you so much Mr Fulton for bringing your tractor to Nursery.  
Autumn Walk 
We went on an Autumn Hunt around the big school. We used our senses to listen, feel, smell and see signs of Autumn. We found leaves, helicopters, acorns, pinecones and conkers.  
Hibernating Hedgehogs  
We made clay to make hedgehogs at Nursery. We used clay, matchsticks and eyes. We had to shape our hedgehog bodies and learnt all about hibernation.  
Grandparents Day at Nursery  
Grandparents do so much for us. We wanted to invite them to Nursery to play with us and show them how we learn through play. Thank you so much to all who attended.  
Stay and Play  
We loved playing with our mummy, daddy, granny or grandad on our first day of Nursery. The Nursery staff can not wait to get to know you all, helping you to grow and develop.  
2019 - 2020 
First Days  
Summer and September Birthday Celebrations 
Happy 4th Birthday Eva, Amelia, Kaiden and Mia 
Jo Jingles visits Nursery  
Exploring Autumn at Nursery  
Planting Seeds 
The boys and girls at Nursery planted cress seeds. They used kitchen roll, water and seeds. They have been watering them each day and watching them grow. We learnt that seeds need water and sunlight to grow.  
A Tractor Visits Nursery 
Mrs Ferguson (James' daddy) brought his New Holland tractor to Nursery today. We all had lots of fun sitting in the tractor. We talked about the different parts of the tractor and compared it to the size of us. It was a lot bigger than us. During play time we explored books about tractors and made our very own tractor outdoors using crates, steering wheels and tyres. Thank you so much to Mr Ferguson for taking time out of his busy day to visit us.  
Moneymore Nursery had a Farm 
Blackberry Farm visited us at Nursery. On the farm there was Little Red Hen, Peter Rabbit, Bambi the Alpaca, Daisy the Goat, Mittens the Kitten and Salt and Pepper, the guinea pigs. We listened to stories, feed and stroked the animals. It was so much fun having a farm at our Nursery. 
Making butter 
We made our own butter. We put whipping cream into a glass jar and shook the jar whilst singing 'Old McDonald'. We used our very strong muscles to shake the jar. We spread our homemade butter onto pancakes. It tasted very YUMMY!  
Blooming Kids visit us at Nursery 
Mrs Palmer (Abbie's mummy) came to visit us at Nursery during 'Nursery Rhyme Week'. We sang many familar nursrey rhymes with props, bubbles and a puppet. Mrs Palmer showed us how to sign lots of the songs whilst singing them. Thank you so much for taking the time to come in to visit us and teach us sign language.  
Nursery visits the Primary School for P.E 
We warmed up by playing a 'Mr Men' game, our development was based on moving in different ways and stopping on command and finally we cooled down with some stretches and breathing in and out.  
Nursery's Winter Walk 
We saw birds and bird feeders, ice and frost, trees with no leaves, flowers that had died. It was a very cold walk so we wrapped up nice and warm.  
Nursery make bird food 
On our Winter Walk, we noticed lots of ice on the grass. The birds would find it hard to beak through the ice to get some worms to eat, so we made them some bird food. We used lard, porridge and seeds. It was very messy, sticky and smelly but we had so much FUN! 
Library Visit 
The nursery visited Cookstown Library. Yvonne and Bernie, the librarians, sang some rhymes with us, read us lots of stories with props. We then got to explore the kids section in the library. We choose our favourite books, found a comfy spot and read them. We loved our visit to Cookstown Library. Thank you! 
Big Bedtime Read 
We came to Nursery in our pyjamas with our mummy or daddy. We helped Mrs Leitch get 'Ted' ready for bed, read a bedtime story and sang some nursery rhymes. After 'Ted' was in bed sleeping, we enjoyed supper together and shared a bedtime story with our mummy, daddy or friend. It was great fun! 
Callum's mummy entered us into a competition for a trip to Bebabadoo and we won. Thank you so much Callum's mummy. We all had so much fun! Can you tell by our red faces? 
We Love Storytime 
Today at Nursery, we had special vistors who read stories with us. It was the Primary 6 class. The boys and girls from Primary 6 choose a story, we got paired up and we listened to them tell us stories. They were great story-tellers and they asked us lots of questions about the pictures and story. To end a Primary 6 boy read a very funny story to us all. We laughed so much! It was so funny! Thank you so much Mrs Taylor and Primary 6! 
Red Day at Nursery 
We celebrated Valentines Day at Nursery with 'Red/Pink Day'. We all dressed in red or pink, had a delicious red themed snack and lots of different red themed activities. We made lovely Valentines cards, bakes and crafts for our mummy and daddy. We hope you loved them! We finished with a Valentine' story and letter from 'Little Miss Valentine'. She kindly brought us all some sweets that she had hid in our Nursery garden.  
Big Schools Birdwatch  
On Friday 15th February we joined lots of other schools as we took part in RSPB's Big Schools Birdwatch. Before going outdoors, we explored lots of different birds that we might see on our Interactive Whiteboard. Some of us had already spotted the birds before. We went into our Nursery garden to see what birds visited us. We thought it would be a good idea to make some food for them first to encourage them to visit us. After we had scattered the food we all found a hiding place and had to wait on the birds to visit. We had to be super quiet and discreet so the birds wouldn't see us as they are scared of loud noises and people. We saw robins, a sparrow, blackbirds and crows. Although, we are going to carefully watch over the next few weeks to see if we spot any more birds.  
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