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Welcome to Primary 3 
Our teacher is Mrs Stewart  
and our classroom assistant is Mrs Workman. 
A beautiful day at Moneymore Park! 
P3 Campfire & S'mores 
Homebase Trip 
P3 were invited to Homebase for the morning where we were taken around the garden area by Donna and Andrew. They taught us about all the flowers, vegetable plants and compost. We had a great time exploring and got to plant our own seeds for our gardens. We also got tomato, pepper and strawberry plants to take home to our classroom! 
Outdoor Play 
We have been loving outdoor play this month and exploring nature. We have been making perfume from flowers, paintbrushes from sticks and playing in the mud kitchen. 
Outdoor Maths Trail 
We used the outdoors to revise all our maths topics from P3. We had to do a lot of estimation work by counting daisies in a hoop and bars on the school gate. We also had a group task where we had to estimate how many P3s could fit in the playhouse! 
Platinum Jubilee Celebration Day 
We had the best day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We had some amazing outfits in P3 and enjoyed lots of fun activities throughout the day. Especially our red, white and blue cupcakes and cup of tea! 
Today we introduced P3 to Area and gave them a challenge where firstly they estimated how many 1p coins would fit inside the Queen's Head and then they carried out the investigation in two groups. We had some great strategy suggestions for counting the 1p coins at the end and most importantly find our closest estimate who in turn got into the prize box! 

P3 made a giant hopscotch during outdoor ABL! 

We eat plants! 
This week we learnt that we eat different parts of plants - roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds. We tried some of these foods in class...some were more popular than others!! 

Bible Exhibition 

Belfast Zoo Trip 
Spelling Revision Week 
Author Visit 
Today we had a visit from Tim Bailey, the author of 'Mouse and the Moon Rocket'. 
The Great Outdoors 
Butterfly Release 
We watched our butterflies grow from baby caterpillars and we were so excited to release them today. Our butterflies spent lots of time on our hands and even drank some nectar from our flowers before fying off. This week they will hopefully complete their life cycle outdoors by laying more eggs! 
Bug Ball 
Easter Activities... 
Minibeast Group Work 
P3 were split into groups and each given a minibeast to investigate. The finished project included information on their minibeasts' diet, habitat and other cool facts that they picked up along the way! 

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly 
This week P3 have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. They used word mats to write their own explanation texts on each of the four stages of the life cycle.  
We also made a lovely life cycle craft using pasta! 

Wear Green, Be Green Day 
As part of our Eco School's 'Green Day', P3 took part in lots of green activities. One of these activities included building minibeast hotels. We had so many amazing designs and we have already had some minibeasts checking in for their stay.  
Look at our green snacks for break too!! 

Busy Bees! 
We had a very special visit from Miss Freeburn who is a bee keeper in her spare time! She showed us how to use a bee smoker, what it looks like inside a bee hive and taught us how to stay safe as a bee keeper. She even brought in some of her very own yummy honey. Some P3s even got to try wearing the suit and gloves! 
Liz Farnan: Minibeasts Day 
We had lots of fun learning all about minibeasts with Liz Farnan. We listened to stories, learnt about camouflage / danger colours, looked at minibeasts from around the world, went on a minibeast hunt, made a minibeast graph, played some classroom games and learnt about life cycles. A fun-filled day! 
Fitness Freddy 
As part of Shared Education with St Marys PS Draperstown, P3 took part in their first PE session with Fitness Freddy. We all LOVED it and can't wait for our next session already! 
2D Shape Minibeasts 
ABL Minibeasts 
Reading Week & World Book Day 
For World Book Day P3 transformed a cereal box into their favourite book cover... 
Carndaisy Glen 
As part of our Animals topic and sub topic Minibeasts P3 visited Carndaisy Glen for a nature walk. We spotted some of the first signs of Spring and enjoyed the sounds and freedom of the great outdoors! 

Pancake Tuesday! 

Today we had a special visit from Clarie McCrea from Craemill Vetinary Clinics and her very own pet Farrah! She taught us how to care for our pets and some of us also got to be vets for the morning! A special thank you to Alexa from P7 who also helped out. 
Our Favourite Woodland Animal 
Each P3 pupil chose their favourite woodland animal and together created a pictograph displaying the results. We then answered questions about the data in Numeracy.  

Palentine's Day 
P3 were busy making a secret letter for one of their P3 pals. 
We finished by decorating them and posting them in our post box! 

Beatrix Potter Day 
We have been focusing on woodland animals this week so we learnt about Beatrix Potter, an author from England who wrote stories about animals. We had a Beatrix Potter day where we tasted vegetables from Mr McGregor's garden, read Beatrix Potter stories by the 'fire', listened to stories on the laptops, painted pictures and wrote a fact file on Beatrix Potter. We finished off by watching the Tales of Peter Rabbit! 
P3's Tuck Shop 
We have been learning how to show change from 20p this week. P3 were given 20p to spend at our tuck shop. They had to work out what items they could buy and how much change they would get.  
Then we enjoyed our yummy treats! 
Looking for 3D shapes around our school! 
Meet our new class pet... Goldie! 
The apples group used Weetos for the 'oo' sound in their spellings this week. 
Practical Maths 
Time: o'clock / half past 
P.E. Just Dance! 
Animals Activity Based Learning 
Literacy Taskboard 
Practical Maths 
P3 have been learning the 'part-part-whole' method where they split whole numbers into parts. 
Christmas Party Fun! 
The stars of 'Away in a Manger' 
Mary & Joseph 
Cow & Sheep 
Mouse, Bird & Spider 
Wise Men 
Santa Dash Daily Mile 
Maths Week 
Our 'Big Question' to investigate for maths week was... 
How tall are we (in marshmallows)? 
P3 had lots of fun measuring each other using marshmallows and we found out who was the tallest and who was the smallest! 
Bee-Bot Stations 
P3 created their own Bee-Bot map, used computer Bee-Bots and made Christmas jackets for them too! 
Children in Need Day 
Fairy Tale Addresses 
We read the book 'Dragon Post' and learnt all about addresses.  
We wrote some addresses for our fairy tale characters! 
Dear P3, 
Fee, Fi, Foe, Fum! There's a lot of measuring to be done. Can you find things that are longer than my footprint? What things are shorter? 
The Giant. 
Ps. Can you find something that is the same length as my footprint? 
As part of Outdoor Learning Day P3 walked to Manor Park to research some fairytale settings... 
Each P3 pupil designed their very own Coat of Arms and we put them all together to create a beautiful display outside our classroom... 
Fairy Tales Activity Based Learning 
Castle and Sun by Paul Klee 
P3 have been learning about 2D shapes and used shapes to create their own 'Castle and Sun' picture. 
World Apple Day activities 
As part of our Transport topic, Sam, a local Translink Bus Driver took time out of his busy day to come and visit us in his three month old double decker bus! We got to ask him lots of different questions about his exciting job and explore the bus inside and out! It was very exciting, a day to remember for all! 
Autumn Pictures 
We collected lots of outdoor materials like berries, leaves, stones and twigs. We then made some beautiful pictures in our new outdoor area. 
P3 were so keen to learn about hedgehogs this week. We found out lots of things that we can do to protect them! We also made a cute hedgehog craft. 
P3 illustrators 
We read the book 'Mrs Armitage on wheels by Quentin Blake' which was linked to our Transport topic. We each were given a sentence from the story and had to illustrate that sentence with a partner. We all worked so well as a team and really enjoyed watching Quentin Blake draw Willy Wonka too! 
Transport Survey 
We went for a walk around Moneymore and recorded the various types of transport that we spotted along the way! We also saw three car dealerships and took shelter at a bus stop!  
We had lots of fun making different patterns with paints and peg boards! 
Transport ABL 
Our first day in P3! 
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